Sunday, September 28, 2008

okay- how close are we now?

We are waiting to hear the latest referrals- of course, I know we are not going to be in this batch, but hopefully, we will see how close we are getting. How amazing would it be to get our referral in November- and go get baby Stella in December? I think the idea of getting out of school for Christmas holiday and not going back to school after---- sounds really amazing!
Today is my sister Karol Ann's 50th birthday- woo hoo! She is pretty fired up about going with us to China- and we are pretty happy about it, as well!
So, hurry up , referrals! And Happy Birthday, K'lann!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

latest referrals- fast or slow?

The referrals came out this week, and now we are up to Feb. 9, 2006. I would like to think that we are moving at a nice , fast pace. I don't really know yet, and will not know for sure until we see the referrals for October.
We are so happy for all of the families who did get their photos this week! What a wonderful feeling ! Sooner or later, we will be there with you!