Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hide and seek - Christmas style

"Mommy, come look me! "
Decorating the big tree in our living room - Monkey takes this very seriously, and Ladybug is just happy to be there.

Decorating the little tree at the farm - can you see where Ladybug hung all her ornaments on the garland at the bottom?

Lady Bug and Daddy's date to see the Disney Princess on Ice show

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the most wonderful time of the year

So, the monkey is in the backyard, playing basketball. The ladybug is watching her latest favorite show, "Macisruby" [ that would be "Max and Ruby" , I am sure you could guess]
I have been working like mad to make marshmallow kebabs, truffles, and cookies. Also, since I had a bowl of melted chocolate left over, I dipped pretzels [ you never know- times might get tough, and we will need chocolate]
Tonight the future in-laws will be coming over to decorate cookies- gonna be lots of fun, I think.
Almost all of the gifts are wrapped, and sitting under the tree at the farm. We planned ahead a bit, and I am feeling quite smug about that, really. All that is left is the food for the farm and to take to 'a Mighty Fine Place' and a few heres and theres that I will need .
We are picking up Booskie Friday morning, Texas girl is coming in Friday afternoon , and the family will all be together - this has the makings of yet another fantastic Christmas!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas - go to church, and sing some hymns. That always puts me in the best mood. I am trying to decide which song is my favorite , but it really changes each year. I still cannot sing "In the Bleak Midwinter" without tearing up - I really love it.
Now the ladybug is playing "Mommy , come find me ' and I shall take that as my clue to get up and start running around looking for her.
Photos later today..... I promise!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

and a snow day makes it extra special

Well, this is the last week of school before Christmas Holiday - big fun around here. Knowing that I had to give two exams today and had the rest of the day at school to clean my classroom was sounding pretty good, really. Especially when I knew that my second period exam was only going to be ONE student - one. So, having a bad weather day today was not the most exciting news, although it sounded pretty fantastic at 6:00 this morning. Oh well. We don't really need to celebrate President's Day, do we?
Tonight is our night to go and have a photo made with Santa . Ladybug is pretty fired up, while the Monkey is trying mighty hard to act casual about it. I know he will be the first one on Santa's knee .... he cannot fool me.
Today we are going to be making a few Christmas crafts while enjoying a day in our pajamas- we have marshmallows and pretzels to dip in chocolate, and we have family gifts to finish [ can't tell you what those are here- it will spoil the surprise next week!]
Stay warm and dry today ! It looks really cold out there!

Monday, November 29, 2010

thirteen and a half days of school left! Ta rah!

Okay, Thanksgiving week was really great - days spent cleaning the house, time to cook, lots of play time and craft time in the Hello Kitty room. Ladybug has discovered the joys of stamping. Big fun.
The husband took Ladybug on another date last week- they went to see "Disney on Ice" , and she made it all the way to intermission. The last act she saw was Beauty and the Beast [ which she has never seen before] and she said "let's go to the car. I want to see my mommy. " What a sweet little thing!
The monkey is still hunting, and we are praying every night and day that he does not actually shoot anything. Hopefully, he will discover the joys of photography or more reading, or something a little more productive than the murder of sweet woodland animals.
The countdown for Christmas vacation has begun- and I cannot wait! Advent started yesterday, we need to get our letters to Santa written, and we have more shopping to do.
I hope this month is filled with fun for everyone of you - it really is the most wonderful time of the year , you know!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday week- good times for everyone

Okay, I just got in from my date-Monkey and I went to see "Harry Potter" , while Clark and Ladybug had sushi and shoe-shopped. I cried several times during the movie, which made my son really happy, don't you know. I could not help it. After hearing so many mixed reviews of the movie, I honestly thought it was awesome. Monkey thought it was pretty great, too.
Tomorrow is our cooking day - we are taking squash casserole , key lime pie, and chocolate chess tartlets. I am really looking forward to our preparations , and the rest of our holiday. Most people who know me are aware that I am not a fan of Thanksgiving , and I try to find things for our little family to do that are non-traditional. While we were tutoring last week, one of the girls [at the girl's home in town] told me that she was the only one staying over the holiday- she could not go and be with any family. I took that as a sign from God that we were to take her in this week, and we are picking her up tomorrow. She is sweet, and I think she will have a good time going to the farm .
I wish more of our family would be together this year, but I will be happy with what we get. Just think - three weeks of school, and then we are out for Christmas! After that, the countdown for our Italian Spring Break trip begins! Ciao!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Four more days of school - ta rah!!

Okay- I do love what I do , I honestly love being an art teacher. However- I think the days right before a holiday are very stressful for us all. I am always amazed at how students think they are the only ones ready for a mini-break.
In just four little days, we will have a nice, nine day break. I know the folks at this house are more than ready for it. I don't mind if we stay home in our pajamas, even.
I know it is time for some new photos on here- and I will be putting some up next week, I promise!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Super fantastic week, straight ahead

The ladybug woke me up this morning, whispering that she wanted to go watch 'tee-wee' . Of course, even though it was two hours before I had to be at church, we went to the living room. Who wouldn't do that for a ladybug?
Now she is watching some Nick jr. programs, all with a Halloween theme. I have never really been a fan of Halloween, for no special reason. Don't get me wrong- I did plenty of trick-or-treating in my day. I just don't like all the super spooky stuff . At all. I like the sweet stuff- bobbing for apples and hayrides. Maybe even a corn maze.
Ladybug has been singing the happy cake song to me for a few days now- she is practicing for this friday, when I shall officially be too old to have a two year old. . [ How old is too old? ] I am reminded of the Bible story about the older mother- wasn't it Sarah? Okay, I am not that old.
The monkey went to State's Homecoming game yesterday, and finally made it home around 11:30 p.m. I am glad he has an uncle who enjoys taking him to those games. We went to Delta State, and neither of us have much interest in State's athletics. Honestly, the fight song makes me teary still. We went to a basketball game there years ago, and I was not expecting that to be played so much. I thought it was for football only. I guess it will just take time.
The husband and I have been having some serious discussions about the education of our children. How do you decide something so important? What do you do when you are concerned about the system or the school or the teacher your child might have? We moved across the state in preparation of Monkey's adoption, and now we are starting to wonder if we made the right choice. It takes lots of prayer, I can tell you. I also keep thinking that the right choice for us ten years ago might not be the right choice now. Prayer. Lots of it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I think I love Columbus

Because having today off of school was FANTASTIC. Really .
We took the monkey and the ladybug to my mother's house friday after school, and met four friends in SJ for the weekend- the Texas two, and part of The Deadbeat Club from College.
The Texas two declared that we were not eating in any chain establishments [although it would be okay if it was not a national chain] . The husband declared that we were eating in International establishments. The Deadbeat Club and I declared that we just wanted food.
The first night was an English pub with great food, but it was loud . Really loud.
The next day for lunch was an Irish pub . [Does anyone see a theme?] It was pretty wonderful, but I did not like the cheese dip that I ordered [you know how some things have a whang to them?]
After lunch, we went to watch our school volleyball team compete for the State title. Even though they did not win, I think they were great , and showed class.
That night was supposed to be our journey to a Greek place, but we really were not that hungry. We ended up going to the home of one of the Deadbeat Club, [which was lovely] and having pizza. She had also baked cream cheese with brown sugar and almonds, and I can tell you that it was superb. Divine, in fact. [and no whang]
Sunday morning , I simply had to go to Michael's Crafts. I was dropped off by the husband, and I was able to walk through that store for almost an hour. Oh. My. Stars. And . Garters. I do not get to do that often. It was wonderful. I ended up spending less than $15, which was amazing.
Lunch was at Jason's Deli, which I lurve. They have the tiniest of tiny vessels for ice cream [Doug Henning would have called them smaller than little, I am pretty sure]
So, great weekend, great visit with great friends. It is always a good time when the Possum Royalty are re-united.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homecoming week, and a holiday coming

Homecoming week is here! We have so much fun at school with all the dress up days- it is always fun to see how excited the students get about it. I will have to share some of the photos later this week. I am really proud of our senior class this year- they nominated a student for the Homecoming Court who has Down's Syndrome. This means the world to her, and she will treasure these memories for a long time.
Ladybug and Monkey just came in from having dinner with Pop and Gigi - it is time for bed, and they are stalling. I don't guess I blame them one bit- Sunday nights are always a little bit of a let-down.
In three weeks, we have a long weekend- we are counting down, and looking forward to it. Monkey and Ladybug will go to visit their Mimi, and that always means playing with cousin Meg. Good times!
I think they have finally decided on Halloween costumes- Ladybug wants to be Tinkerbell, and Monkey wants to be a mummy . Well, he wants to be Freddy , the guy from Scream, or Jason, and I said no to all of those. I am not ready for that just yet.
Hope this week is great for everyone-

Sunday, September 12, 2010

time flies

So, we have already had six weeks of school. SIX. Why is that so amazing to me? Ladybug and Monkey are both having a great year- church basketball should be starting pretty soon. Ladybug has started going to a Sunday School class- today was her second day in there. She was finger painting when we walked in . Well, she was sitting and looking at the glob of paint on her paper, and not really sure that she wanted to put her hand in it. After I walked in and talked to her, she put her hand in, and had a blast.
Monkey is busy, busy, busy- playing with the neighbors, doing tons of homework, and adding apps to his ipod.
Now our biggest worry is what to be for Halloween - I asked the monkey to be the Man in the Yellow Hat, and let his sister be Curious George, but he was not keen on that idea. Any suggestions?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Afternoons

I really like Sunday afternoons. I usually go to Church, to Praise Band Practice. Not today, since I will not be going to church here next Sunday. Instead, I just returned from a bridal shower, the boys just left to go fishing for a while, and when they get back, we will all go to the grocery. Ladybug is ready to go upstairs and help me unpack my bags from Friday night's crop. She always wants to play with some stickers and eat some pez ..... good times.
Monkey loves school, Ladybug is learning new songs every day, it seems. She is amazed when we already know the songs, and join in.
Today at the bridal shower, Monkey's Sunday School teacher said to me "You know, I never noticed until today how beautiful your son is. He is just pretty." How could anyone not already know that?! He is pretty. It is amazing. I had nothing to do with it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

and here we are again

Well, I had really good intentions this summer, about posting on here much more often. I even thought I would join one of those 'photo a day' groups..... and, as you can plainly see, I did not do so well.
What I DID do, however, is
play with Sam and Stella
read with Sam and Stella
paint with Sam and Stella
cheer at Sam's ballgames- league, all-star, and Little League World Series !!!
Help the husband pack for his trip to Istanbul
visit at my mother's while the husband was in Istanbul
happily pick up the husband from the airport
and , now, get ready for the first day of school.
okay, I will get better at the frequency part of this!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the really long days of summer

This is the part of summer that we enjoy- the days are lasting forever, and the children are wearing themselves out, playing. We spent a few days with the Grandparents, and that always includes going to Dairy Queen for ice cream!

Ladybug had just finished applying quite a few stickers down her legs- can you tell she is pleased with herself?

After visiting with the donkeys and cows, Monkey showed Ladybug how to jump on a trampoline- she was very excited.

The Avents invited us out to see the donkeys and cows. Ladybug thought they would come up to be petted, like a dog. She was rather disappointed when she could not touch them. One donkey , Leroy, allowed us to pet him, and that was just not enough for her.

We put a little pool out at the Grandparent's house- ladybug did not understand that she was not supposed to empty the entire thing right away.

Monday, June 7, 2010

one birthday party after another

Monkey has turned ten. TEN. It is hard to believe that he is that old. I guess it has something to do with the fact that we have not had him for ten years, but for eight years and nine months.
At any rate, his birthday has come and gone, and he had three seperate celebrations.
First was Meg's party - they have the same birthday, just six years apart. We went to her house, jumped in the castle, and hit the pinata. Lots of fun, even if it was really really hot. That evening, we had family party number one- at my mother's house. Monkey really loves his family, so he had a great time.
Next was a trip to Chuck E. Cheese on his birthday- just the four of us. He played, ran, ate pizza, and won some of those fabulous prizes, then went on to his ballgame that evening.
The next Sunday [ a week ago yesterday] was his birthday lunch. He decided to have one of these several years ago, and we kind of like the tradition. Clark's parents, Uncle Dale and Aunt Susan , the Phillips , the Kalchenkos , and Texas girl were all here. Again, he loves his family and friends, so he was really in his element.
Now it is summer - we have been out of school for a week. Ladybug takes a nap every day at one, Monkey is still plotting and planning with his birthday money and gift cards, and Clark is planning where to go for our twentieth wedding anniversary. Good times, I can tell you!
We went to Taylor saturday, to the Farmer's Market/Craft Fair. There were not as many veggies and fruits as I envisioned, but we did get to hear the Paperwhites sing for an hour- a good way to spend a little time!
Book #1 of Monkey's summer plan is finished- a Hardy Boys mystery . I hope he sticks with his goal of reading one chapter book each week- there should be plenty of quiet time for that.
I hope you are having a great summer!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Home from Europe

The other two teachers who went with us- it was so much fun with them! I hope they go with us on the next adventure!
Of course, my husband always finds a snack. He was sitting outside the creperie on Mont St. Michel .

I did buy Ladybug some precious Hello Kitty clothes at H&M in Paris- I think she likes them!We took seven students and four other adults with us on our Europe trip this year. It was really fun getting to know the other people in our group- this was the best year, yet. I was amazed at how much I really missed the children- it did not help that monkey kept sending me photos and texts, letting us know how much he missed us. So sweet. Next year, we are looking at a trip to the south of France, then on to Italy. I plan to take monkey with us. Ladybug may have to wait a few more years.
Now we only have one term left for the school year, and we are really counting down the days. I love these short weeks- three days before Easter holiday!

Monday, February 8, 2010

just a few more photos

The entrance to the Chinese New Year Party had this really cute blow up -
what a perfect photo spot!
The dragon parade started the party- Monkey and Ladybug were close to the end. They were pretty serious about it.

I love this! One of my Christmas gifts [to myself, I do believe]

This is part of a pair of lamps for Ladybug's room. I think they are wonderful. Karol Ann spotted them in an antique store, and knew that I would need them !

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chinese New Year/Super Bowl/just a good time

yesterday was the local Chinese New Year celebration. Monkey and Ladybug wore their Chinese outfits, and had the best time in the parade. Ladybug made crafts, played, and ran around the party. Monkey was in the big-kid-blow-up-thing the minute it was inflated, and stayed in until we were ready to leave. I am looking forward to the photos that were taken of them- and will post them asap
Today we had the "Souper Bowl of Caring" at church, and had lots of great soups to try. Ladybug and I ate our vegetable beef with kasha, but the boys tried several different things. It all looked and smelled fantastic, and I hope we raised lots of money .

In a little while, we are going to a Super Bowl party, and I am trying to decide--- should I take a book to read, my laptop, or pack a scrapbooking bag? I really only like to watch football in person, but Monkey loves it , so we are going. I will take some type of craft, for sure. [and I am sure Clark will sneak his crossword puzzle book in with my craft]

Valentine truffles and cards to make this week- and I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day!