Monday, November 29, 2010

thirteen and a half days of school left! Ta rah!

Okay, Thanksgiving week was really great - days spent cleaning the house, time to cook, lots of play time and craft time in the Hello Kitty room. Ladybug has discovered the joys of stamping. Big fun.
The husband took Ladybug on another date last week- they went to see "Disney on Ice" , and she made it all the way to intermission. The last act she saw was Beauty and the Beast [ which she has never seen before] and she said "let's go to the car. I want to see my mommy. " What a sweet little thing!
The monkey is still hunting, and we are praying every night and day that he does not actually shoot anything. Hopefully, he will discover the joys of photography or more reading, or something a little more productive than the murder of sweet woodland animals.
The countdown for Christmas vacation has begun- and I cannot wait! Advent started yesterday, we need to get our letters to Santa written, and we have more shopping to do.
I hope this month is filled with fun for everyone of you - it really is the most wonderful time of the year , you know!


Suz said...

I found you through the CTMH bulletin board ; ) Would love it if you'd be willing to come follow me, too...

jkbragg said...

the most wonderful time of the year....for all kinds of reasons. mainly- NO SCHOOL! :) just kidding...that's just a perk. a big one, mind you, but not the highlight!