Monday, November 25, 2013

Third day in - Thankful , Thankful, Thankful!

     Oh, the wonder of it all!
Here we are on the third day of a nine-day holiday ! We are living the dream here, people - I am folding the largest pile of laundry in a tri-county area, the man is mowing up the leaves in the front yard, the ladybug has on her 'fifties' outfit and singing up and down the hall, and the monkey just got around to waking up. Nothing like an eighth grader - he wakes, says good morning, asks for breakfast, cranks the heat up, and gets back in the bed. Love. Him.

     We are headed on a journey this week - as long as the weather does not stop us. The man has made our travel plans, and we are going along for the good time. I hate that we will miss our lovely school in the playoffs Friday , but I am sure they will do their very best.

     Today we will be making the traditional pasta necklaces, which I am sure our founding fathers wore. I will , of course, post pictures.