Tuesday, July 21, 2015

One Week

In one tiny week - seven little days - we will be back in school. I love what I do , so it is not as painful to me as it is to most. Of course, there are always a few things on my summer list that I did not get done, and I think of them in the last few days - rushing to clean closets and organize craft supplies, and exhaust myself to the point that school will be a rest. At any rate, this happened ---
Movie night with the ladybug - we loved Minions, even though there were scary bits!

I taught art at the TCT camp for kids - two groups each day --- they were precious, and we made some great stuff !

Monday, July 6, 2015

it's always a good time

 isn't it nice to be someone's flower? Especially with my glasses, even.
 Big happy fun time on Pensacola Beach - why have we not gone sooner?!
 After watching the local children's theatre production of "Mulan" , we were able to meet the stars - Ladybug was overwhelmed!

 The man enjoyed a toes-up while I life-guarded the sweeties.....

I was invited to a dinner with some of my students - they all work for local McDonald's , and the owner has this dinner each year, inviting seniors , families, and teachers. He gives $1000 scholarships for one senior at each of his establishments , and I was fortunate enough to see four of my sweet students get them. Amazing man, and an amazing opportunity .