Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hide and seek - Christmas style

"Mommy, come look me! "
Decorating the big tree in our living room - Monkey takes this very seriously, and Ladybug is just happy to be there.

Decorating the little tree at the farm - can you see where Ladybug hung all her ornaments on the garland at the bottom?

Lady Bug and Daddy's date to see the Disney Princess on Ice show

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the most wonderful time of the year

So, the monkey is in the backyard, playing basketball. The ladybug is watching her latest favorite show, "Macisruby" [ that would be "Max and Ruby" , I am sure you could guess]
I have been working like mad to make marshmallow kebabs, truffles, and cookies. Also, since I had a bowl of melted chocolate left over, I dipped pretzels [ you never know- times might get tough, and we will need chocolate]
Tonight the future in-laws will be coming over to decorate cookies- gonna be lots of fun, I think.
Almost all of the gifts are wrapped, and sitting under the tree at the farm. We planned ahead a bit, and I am feeling quite smug about that, really. All that is left is the food for the farm and to take to 'a Mighty Fine Place' and a few heres and theres that I will need .
We are picking up Booskie Friday morning, Texas girl is coming in Friday afternoon , and the family will all be together - this has the makings of yet another fantastic Christmas!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas - go to church, and sing some hymns. That always puts me in the best mood. I am trying to decide which song is my favorite , but it really changes each year. I still cannot sing "In the Bleak Midwinter" without tearing up - I really love it.
Now the ladybug is playing "Mommy , come find me ' and I shall take that as my clue to get up and start running around looking for her.
Photos later today..... I promise!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

and a snow day makes it extra special

Well, this is the last week of school before Christmas Holiday - big fun around here. Knowing that I had to give two exams today and had the rest of the day at school to clean my classroom was sounding pretty good, really. Especially when I knew that my second period exam was only going to be ONE student - one. So, having a bad weather day today was not the most exciting news, although it sounded pretty fantastic at 6:00 this morning. Oh well. We don't really need to celebrate President's Day, do we?
Tonight is our night to go and have a photo made with Santa . Ladybug is pretty fired up, while the Monkey is trying mighty hard to act casual about it. I know he will be the first one on Santa's knee .... he cannot fool me.
Today we are going to be making a few Christmas crafts while enjoying a day in our pajamas- we have marshmallows and pretzels to dip in chocolate, and we have family gifts to finish [ can't tell you what those are here- it will spoil the surprise next week!]
Stay warm and dry today ! It looks really cold out there!