Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sixteen days, you say?!?!


Oh my word - sixteen days of school left ! That. Is. All. This year has flown by. In less than a month, my sweet little monkey will be thirteen. Who would believe that? Even now, I still see that tiny little boy sitting on that table in the orphanage. He is so precious.And a little silly.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I've been waiting for a girl like you

What a weekend!
The ladybug had her birthday party yesterday - oh my word. She has planned the themes for her parties until she is 26 - and this was the year of the "Hello Kitty" party. I was happy. [ Did you know I have been collecting Hello Kitty since around 1978? True story !]
So , I decided to just let the girl tell me what she wanted to do at her party this year - I thought it would make it even more special . She wanted
1. "pony on the tail" [ instead of the usual 'pin the tail on the donkey' , I made it 'pin the bow on Kitty' 2. a craft - I painted beads white and drew Kitty's face on them - we made bracelets and necklaces
3. Hello Kitty twister - and they LOVED that one !
4. coloring - one table had each child an HK coloring book, plus one of my HK lunch boxes full of crayons
5. bingo - this is the one that got me. I made an HK bingo set, and it was so cute. Ladybug walked up to me while I was making it last week, and asked what it was. I explained that it was the bingo she wanted, and she proceeded to inform me that 'bingo' is small pillows filled beans, and you throw them. Uh , yeah. I think that would be 'bean - go '

She picked the foods. She helped me fill the goody bags - rings, candy, bubbles, and I made each child a felt Kitty doll. That would be 40 of them. She helped me with the decorations . She really really wanted those pointy party hats . I have to say , I think she had the best time, ever. Our church family has been so wonderful to her - everyone at the Wednesday night service sat and listened to her tell her party plans, then sang to her. She was grinning all evening.
I honestly do not know if any one else had a good time, but I do know that my sweet baby did.

Today was just as special - the monkey had confirmation. There were 8 children in the group, and they were all so sweet . I am so proud of that sweet boy. He is amazing.
And that was our weekend. I am exhausted.