Monday, May 30, 2011

how did he get this old?

How did it happen ? How did the monkey get to be eleven years old? Simply amazing. We had a bowling party for him. He and his buddies had a great time, bowling, eating, and laughing about EVERYTHING. Even the ladybug bowled some of the time- until one of her boyfriends showed up, and she felt the need to entertain him.
Only one more teacher work day at school, then we have two months to play in the sunshine ! We don't have any big summer plans, other than going to the farm, the zoo, Meme's house, and VBS. I would like to think that this will be the summer we learn how to keep our rooms clean, take naps without drama, and clean out the garage. Not too much to ask, I hope.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

It just gets better and better

Only a day and a half left with students! How exciting is that? We are so looking forward to this summer - baseball, summer camp, Bible School, and time to do as little as possible !
The Monkey was just picked to be on an all-star team, so that means even more baseball for us. I think I am going to put the Ladybug in a gymnastics program , to see if she is ready for a dance class during the school year. I hope she is!
Off to demonstrate the Cricut machine at JoAnn's store - it opened yesterday ! Exciting !

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend - almost end of school year

I am amazed at how cool it has been here lately. Usually at this time of year, it is in the upper 90's , but we are starting each morning in the mid 40's mostly. It is really wonderful , and it makes the days at school seem more pleasant. Speaking of school, only nine more days of classes, then exams. All the seniors leave tomorrow- if they even come then. It has been eight years since I taught any seniors, and I had forgotten how nice that part was.
Out of town company [Texas Girl] will be coming in two weekends- cannot wait to see her again !
Nick is coming home from Liverpool next weekend ----- happy happy joy joy !
I hope the levee holds over in Greenville - we will find out this week.
And today is Mother's Day - we had church, then a nice Chinese lunch, and a GREAT nap ! Just got in from a walk through the neighborhood, where we visited with Anna and saw a few more friends on the way .
Nine days of classes left - what a great end to a school year !