Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a weekend ! Happy New Year , Y'all !

I finished the rainbow purse. It was the hardest one , so far. Glad it's done, I can tell you
The Monkey stood still long enough to pose with Ladybug one time.
hard at work, I can tell you.

Sorry , but I still think mine is the most beautiful of all ! They are all so lovely !

After the CNY party , the man took both children to the farm for the rest of the weekend. I had all these grand plans to clean and purge, and I ended up finishing one purse and cleaning one room. Had to pace myself, I guess.
Now it is Sunday evening, and we are looking forward to another week of school. The monkey will have a 60 % day Wednesday, and those are always fun - for the students. Not so much for us teachers. At any rate, we are one week closer to Spring Break, and that is okay by me.
Hope you have a great Chinese New Year , and a wonderful week !

Sunday Snapshot

Monday, January 16, 2012

and I said to myself - "what a wonderful world"

Sweet little family - something tells me they will not always be this quiet and still.

I doubt there have ever been any Grandmothers more proud !

Ladybug and Monkey and the Super, Fantastic, Great Aunt

She is here ! She is just as beautiful and precious and healthy as we all were praying for - and I don't think we could love her any more !
Ladybug and Monkey are so happy to have another child in the family - Ladybug , especially - this just proves to her that she is not a 'baby' any more.
It was so sweet to see so many of Tookie's friends come in the hospital today - one of her guy friends was smiling so much, I had to hand baby A over to him - he was so gentle with her, too.
Such a great thing to see.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gloria , Emmanuel !

I really do love that song! I also love this time of year - we keep the tree and decorations up until Epiphany, so we can stretch out the season as long as possible. Then, it will be time to decorate for Chinese New Year ! Another fun time for our little family !
The monkey is loving his new games up in his room, and the ladybug is finding new joy in last year's toys, since I put them upstairs in the den . She never, ever got in that princess tent until yesterday - I promise. Of course, she informed me that she really needs to wear tu-tus when in there, but that will have to wait until I find where she stashed them.
Resolutions will be made this evening - the man says his is to be frugal, and he also said that I say that every year - I do think I am getting better at that, by the way.
I am working on my resolutions, and trying to figure out one phrase to sum it all up - I want to strive to be a better mother, wife, teacher, daughter, aunt, church member, neighbor, sister, and servant - I think my resolution is to work at being more Christ-like.
And now, it is time to go to the park, so Ladybug can ride her new bike.
Happy New Year !!!
Sunday Snapshot