Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two days- two days- two days!!!

Yes, it was a small batch this month. Yes, lots of people are disappointed about it. Yes, it would have been fantastic to get Stella's picture this past week. I am determined to find good in it, so this is my good- we are now two L.I.D.s out. That is pretty wonderful, to my mind.
Some people are saying there will be a second batch this month- if so, great! If not, I feel pretty sure that we will be included in the very next batch. What we do not know for sure just yet is the timing of our travel- if we get pushed back much further, will we have to travel during that market-time when every hotel is so much more expensive? Not that it would slow us down, really.
The downer this week was the death of our 14 year old dachshund, Matilda. She was a sweet little thing, and lived a happy, long life. I know that she is running around with her puppies, Jasper and Blossom, and that she is happily chasing some squirrel-angels or something like that.
I cannot help but think that God put dogs on this earth just to make us happy. She was very good at doing just that.