Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Breakfast in the hotel in Nancheng. Stella loved the steamed egg. I will need to learn how to make it. Sam ate lots of things- he really enjoyed the sausage. I stuck to tea and toast, and the steamed eggs.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Leavin Nanchang

Our bags are packed, we're ready to go... [ sorry, I have Peter, Paul,and Mary on my mind this morning]
We are leaving Nanchang in a couple of hours,and flying to Guangzhou. Stella is sound asleep in the 'baby car' [stroller] after having a bottle at 5:30, breakfast at 7, and another bottle at 8:30. Since she figured out the whole bottle thing, she loves them. It turned out that we were trying to use the Playtex kind, with the drop-in liners, and she only likes the Vent Aire kind.
We have really loved this town- people are so kind and sweet, and make us feel so at home- I am amazed at the hospitality.
I still have not figured out how to put photos on from this computer, but I am sure that I will get some help soon.
Thank you all for your prayers- it means the world to me.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

here we are !!

here we are in Nancheng. The weather is very nice, and our baby is beautiful. She has not had any attachment issues, but loves every member of the family. She is always looking to see what Sam is doing, and loves to clap her hands. The only issue we have is that she is not drinking out of a bottle or a sippy cup. I have to spoon feed her any liquids. I guess she did not have much practice with a bottle or cup= not really sure what to do about that yet.
Today we are going to a temple, and then to another group lunch. I hope to go back to this really nice multi- leveled store we found yesterday,and buy Stella a birthday cake for tomorrow. I will try to post a photo of it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

the last quiet weekend?

We went to Corinth yesterday, to spend time with family before our trip. The weather was nice, and Sam played outside almost all day. Now he is upstairs, making lots of noise with his spend-the-night guest. Wonder what time they will go to bed? Wonder if I will get to sleep?!
Back to that packing- how many outfits will she need? Is it okay if EVERYTHING is gingham?! Will there be room in the luggage for our clothes? Would anyone really notice if we kept wearing the same things, any way?
We both met our substitute teachers, and I think they will do great jobs in our places. Everything is falling in to place, and that sort of makes me nervous- as though something bad is really around the corner. I know it isn't, but I still think that way. I think I will not relax until I get Stella in my arms.