Saturday, April 4, 2009

the last quiet weekend?

We went to Corinth yesterday, to spend time with family before our trip. The weather was nice, and Sam played outside almost all day. Now he is upstairs, making lots of noise with his spend-the-night guest. Wonder what time they will go to bed? Wonder if I will get to sleep?!
Back to that packing- how many outfits will she need? Is it okay if EVERYTHING is gingham?! Will there be room in the luggage for our clothes? Would anyone really notice if we kept wearing the same things, any way?
We both met our substitute teachers, and I think they will do great jobs in our places. Everything is falling in to place, and that sort of makes me nervous- as though something bad is really around the corner. I know it isn't, but I still think that way. I think I will not relax until I get Stella in my arms.

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