Sunday, November 27, 2011

12 days of school until Christmas holiday !

and this game was called "get on Gay" for some odd reason. I hope Gay has recovered.
The youngest children at the smallest table - how cute are they ?!
Not sure, but we think Gay likes her late birthday gift - and you can see the Ladybug's owl purse
Red Rover. One of the most dangerous games. Ever. And Ladybug could not figure out why no one broke through her arm.
Meme and all her grand-daughters. All beautiful.

Wow ! Only twelve days of school before another fantastic holiday ! I think we all had a fun Thanksgiving - my brother, all my sisters , and all the grand-children were together. That was the first time in a long time, I think.
The monkey and the ladybug had fun , and it will be hard to be away from them tomorrow. It does help to know that they will only have three weeks of school before another break. Actually, we have a 70% chance of snow tomorrow - so I would love to think we will have one more day away ! [I am only kidding myself, because it has rained for days - no snow would stick.]
Right now the ladybug and I are all about the felt projects. She is loving her felt owl purse, and she is constantly checking on the progress of her nesting-doll one. [yes, I am almost done.] We are also making finger puppets, coasters, and little softies, all for the food-pantry fundraiser dinner and shop this weekend. Lots to do, I can tell you. Lots !
Have a wonderful week - stay warm and dry, and remember all of those things you gave thanks for !
Sunday Snapshot

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tom, Tom the Turkey will be here soon

Okay , it is that time again. A fantastic week off of school. Actually, I choose to think of it as nine days off, and count both weekends. Lovely. Divine. Quiet [ at least, it is now, because I sent my family away for a couple of days so I could be productive and get things done]
My list of things to be thankful for this year -
1. Healthy and happy family members
2. Good friends
3. Gainful Employment
4. People who care about me and mine
5. More really good students than ever before. [did not say they were good at art - just well behaved]
6. A great church family
7. Pez

I am sure there are more, and when I think of them, I will add them . All in all, this has been a great year - and there are many things to thank the Good Lord for. While you are making your list of thanks, please take time to actually give thanks for them . Sometimes we forget that part.