Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ball games, Big hair, and Bible School

Last week, we took baby Stella to Meme's to spend the night, and the three of us went to Memphis for a Redbird game. Sam had a great time, even though he did not catch a pop fly. We had a wonderful meal at Blue Fin, stayed in a swanky hotel room at the Westin, and felt , as Sam put it, "very posh"
Later that week, the four of us went to Grandmother Clark's house to spent a night . We each took turns driving the mule, which gave Stella a great big head of curls- how many Chinese girls have naturally curly hair, any way?! We looked at deer tracks, the soy bean fields, and some huge old trees- big fun, I can tell you. We are looking forward to going back out there.
This week was VBS at Saint Luke. The theme was "Crocodile Dock" - a bayou setting, complete with fireflies, possums, and turtles. We had fun in the craft room- when ever the time ran long, Meredith would entertain the children with a song-dance-drawing lesson that she made up on the spot. Talent obviously runs in my family, I say.
We only have a few weeks left before school gets back into swing, and I cannot believe it. This summer went by faster than most- but it could just be me.
I hope you are using the rest of your summer making some wonderful memories with your family. I know we are!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

Stella is wearing her patriotic shirt, and is ready for a parade. The sad part is that we do not have a parade anywhere near us. Guess we will just have to make our own!
Hope you all have great plans for this weekend- be safe, and God Bless America!