Sunday, June 24, 2012

June , June - you are gone too soon

I like the way our  Minister of Children has a retreat for the upper-elementary children . It is so much fun to watch these sweet children play and worship together. This is the monkey's last year to go - he moves up to Jr. High MYF in August [ oh, can you believe it?!]. The Ladybug is still not old enough for the retreats , but she goes with us each year. This year, we had two other friends her age with us, so she had a great time playing with them. Of course, she still spent a lot of time being carried and babied by the older girls - such a tough life, I can tell you.
The baseball season ended this week, and we found out at the last game that Monkey's All-Stat team did not make . Just not enough in his age group this go around. I am not that sad about it - those games are played at the HOTTEST time of the year, and it is miserable.
Now we are getting ready for our exchange student - he will be here in about a month. I hope we don't scare him away !

Ni Hao Yall