Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's that time, again !

And here we are - had a great meal with all the Mullen girls! It usually rains here around Thanksgiving, but the weather this year was lovely.  Now, time to decorate and prepare for Christmas!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tom, Tom the turkey will be here soon !

Goodness gracious, but I love November ! The weather is finally getting cooler down here, daylight savings time gives me a darker late-afternoon , and our family has a way of gearing up for the upcoming holidays. Love every minute of this busy time of year !
The man and I have both turned a year older. Of course, he aged a little before me, since his birthday is a whopping eleven days before mine.  The ladybug helped bake birthday cake and birthday cupcakes, and she had a great time - she has finally discovered the joy that IS licking the beaters of the mixer after I finish mixing. Bliss !
The monkey came running in to my 'crafting with Jesus' class a few wednesday nights ago , to tell me that he had broken his arm in the church gym. Of course I told him it was fine, and reminded him that he had a math test the next day. Would you like to guess where he spent that next day? He broke a bone in his wrist - and it could have been much, much worse. Now he is on his second cast - and feeling like a rock star.
We had three nights of trick-or-treating, and ladybug was over it by the time Halloween actually got here. We only trick-or-treated on two streets, and she was done.
Now we are making our Thanksgiving plans, and looking forward to spending some time with old friends. This will be a great holiday, I can tell you !

Have a great week - be thankful for what you have !

Ni Hao Yall