Sunday, March 28, 2010

Home from Europe

The other two teachers who went with us- it was so much fun with them! I hope they go with us on the next adventure!
Of course, my husband always finds a snack. He was sitting outside the creperie on Mont St. Michel .

I did buy Ladybug some precious Hello Kitty clothes at H&M in Paris- I think she likes them!We took seven students and four other adults with us on our Europe trip this year. It was really fun getting to know the other people in our group- this was the best year, yet. I was amazed at how much I really missed the children- it did not help that monkey kept sending me photos and texts, letting us know how much he missed us. So sweet. Next year, we are looking at a trip to the south of France, then on to Italy. I plan to take monkey with us. Ladybug may have to wait a few more years.
Now we only have one term left for the school year, and we are really counting down the days. I love these short weeks- three days before Easter holiday!