Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We had to go visit with Santa yesterday - Ladybug asked him to help Pop feel better, and bring a few toys to our house.... God bless her.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Time for joy, time for cheer

Well people, here we are .
The Lady bug is counting down the days every morning - marking them off the Hello Kitty calendar in the kitchen. [ she is really a week ahead, but don't tell her just now] She is more than fired UP about this Christmas - being five years old is the best thing, ever.
The Monkey is being so sweet. He keeps researching Pop's illness , and reporting to us each time he finds something . God bless him. He is such a precious child.
The man is hanging in there - kind of hard to get excited about a holiday when your father is ill.

We were discussing Luke's version of the birth of Jesus in Sunday School today, and another person in the room said " I have given it a lot of thought , and I just have to say this - it was only children who saw the Angels and witnessed the birth of Jesus - all the men were away, being taxed." Now, I am not a theologian, but it has never , ever occurred to me to question any part of this story. I am good with it, right out of my King James. Why would anyone feel the need to question it? It happened, people !

The last thing I have to say is this - at Christmas time, I have always felt a bit sorry for people with 20/20 vision - I think a tree is so beautiful when you take off your specs and look at it all fuzzy. Rupert Holmes wrote a song about it, back in the 80's - 'Nearsighted' , I do believe.
and on that note, I will send my warmest Christmas wishes to all of you out there. Be sweet!