Sunday, December 13, 2009

one more day

Only one more day of classes, and then exams! How exciting! My students are weaving some beautiful baskets- I think their parents will be very pleased to get these as gifts.

Why did no one tell me how difficult it is to take a photo with two children, and expect them to smile at the same time? I really do not know how many I have taken, but I do not think I have the card-worthy one just yet.

Ladybug has been really good with the tree- she does play with a few of her ornaments, but she has not broken any of them yet. Monkey was like that, too. I guess we have been lucky.

Basketball season has started- Monkey is really enjoying it, and Ladybug is learning cheers to yell for him.

Now we have gifts to make, cookies to bake, and lots of fun activities to attend. I hopeyou all are having as wonderful a Chirstmas as we are. I cannot remember how many, but lots of people have been telling me that this would be a great Christmas, since it is Ladybug's first one. I have to say, I think they were all right.