Saturday, March 24, 2012

the older I get , the harder it is

Back from Spring Break. We have been back since Monday morning, and I finally unpacked today. Wow. How did it happen that we had something to do every single night this week? Every. Single. Night. And tonight we have to attend the prom. Big fun.
I have been trying to think of the best parts of our trip, and I still keep going back to our visit to Dachau . Ever since reading "The Hiding Place" as a young girl, I have always wanted to visit a concentration camp, to see it for myself. I think what amazed me the most was the size of the camp - it was so small, and yet, so many people were hurt there. I guess I was expecting it to be a huge place , even though I knew that people were crammed in there. I was also stunned to see that , right behind the wall, there is a subdivision . Who would EVER want to live that close to a place like that? Not the same as living by a cemetery , not even the same as living close to a prison. Okay, enough about that.
Ladybug's birthday party is coming up - we have finally narrowed down the theme. It is officially a Princess Party. [if she had her way, it would be a 'HellokittyUmiZoomieBarbieDisneyPrincess Party' and I just could not do that]
Easter is around the corner, and only eight more weeks of school - I am ready for a summer of fun !