Monday, January 16, 2012

and I said to myself - "what a wonderful world"

Sweet little family - something tells me they will not always be this quiet and still.

I doubt there have ever been any Grandmothers more proud !

Ladybug and Monkey and the Super, Fantastic, Great Aunt

She is here ! She is just as beautiful and precious and healthy as we all were praying for - and I don't think we could love her any more !
Ladybug and Monkey are so happy to have another child in the family - Ladybug , especially - this just proves to her that she is not a 'baby' any more.
It was so sweet to see so many of Tookie's friends come in the hospital today - one of her guy friends was smiling so much, I had to hand baby A over to him - he was so gentle with her, too.
Such a great thing to see.

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Karol said...

My favorite line from Gone With the Wind...."the happiest days are days when babies come." And we are all Very Happy.