Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a weekend ! Happy New Year , Y'all !

I finished the rainbow purse. It was the hardest one , so far. Glad it's done, I can tell you
The Monkey stood still long enough to pose with Ladybug one time.
hard at work, I can tell you.

Sorry , but I still think mine is the most beautiful of all ! They are all so lovely !

After the CNY party , the man took both children to the farm for the rest of the weekend. I had all these grand plans to clean and purge, and I ended up finishing one purse and cleaning one room. Had to pace myself, I guess.
Now it is Sunday evening, and we are looking forward to another week of school. The monkey will have a 60 % day Wednesday, and those are always fun - for the students. Not so much for us teachers. At any rate, we are one week closer to Spring Break, and that is okay by me.
Hope you have a great Chinese New Year , and a wonderful week !

Sunday Snapshot

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