Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend - almost end of school year

I am amazed at how cool it has been here lately. Usually at this time of year, it is in the upper 90's , but we are starting each morning in the mid 40's mostly. It is really wonderful , and it makes the days at school seem more pleasant. Speaking of school, only nine more days of classes, then exams. All the seniors leave tomorrow- if they even come then. It has been eight years since I taught any seniors, and I had forgotten how nice that part was.
Out of town company [Texas Girl] will be coming in two weekends- cannot wait to see her again !
Nick is coming home from Liverpool next weekend ----- happy happy joy joy !
I hope the levee holds over in Greenville - we will find out this week.
And today is Mother's Day - we had church, then a nice Chinese lunch, and a GREAT nap ! Just got in from a walk through the neighborhood, where we visited with Anna and saw a few more friends on the way .
Nine days of classes left - what a great end to a school year !

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