Sunday, April 24, 2011

Who doesn't love Easter?

What a wonderful weekend!
The monkey and the ladybug have hunted eggs, eaten their fill of candy, and run in and out of the house most of the afternoon. We had a beautiful church service this morning , a lovely lunch at home [ just our 'little family' ] and are getting ready to have a nice salad for dinner.
Now, the countdown to the end of school begins - state tests are this week at the high school, and then at the monkey's school . I am just ready to be able to stay at home some this summer. The husband is already planning week-long trips to the farm, and I have lots of plans for here [ the fun of cleaning out the garage! The wonders of emptying three hall closets! The magic of giving away loads of unused toys and children's clothes !!!]
Today in Sunday School , our teacher reminded us that we are all called to 'give away everything you own, and go serve the Lord" . I am READY to go. Really.

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