Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sick baby , sad baby

The Ladybug is ill. She started running fever on our way home from Nashville last weekend.[where Morgan was amazing in her school play, I can tell you] . The grandparents came and picked up the sick bug and took her to their home. Wednesday morning , she was still running fever, and it was 104. The hub and I left school, my mother came in, and we all six went to the doctor again. She has strep and something viral - but the doctor did not name that viral thing. I choose the name Rupert.
Now it is Saturday morning, my mother went home yesterday, and took the monkey with her. I hope the bug is ready for church tomorrow, because I plan to pass out her 'tinkbell' party invitations for next weekend.
When you are sick, it helps to hold a purple flower while you eat your morning oatmeal. You many not have been aware.

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