Monday, April 18, 2011

Egg Hunt, Birthday Party

What a great weekend !
We had our church egg hunt Saturday morning. The monkey was amazing at the tug-o-war, and the ladybug played all the little kid games. They both hunted eggs in their age-level groups, and then we all went on the tractor ride. Monkey sat on the back with the other big boys, and we could hear them cheering each time they saw a cow "letting go" ..... ah, ten year old boys !
Ladybug's 'Tinkbell' birthday party was that afternoon - another great time ! Everyone jumped and ran and played with the new toys, and had lots of fun.
Yesterday was church, then we went to Sissie's house, to visit with Sissie, Julie, and baby Adeline. What a beautiful baby ! It would have been wonderful to have been able to hold either of my sweeties at that age!
Now it is Holy Week, and we are going to hide eggs, color eggs, make treats to take to school, and I just don't know what else, but it will all be fun !

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