Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the most wonderful time of the year

So, the monkey is in the backyard, playing basketball. The ladybug is watching her latest favorite show, "Macisruby" [ that would be "Max and Ruby" , I am sure you could guess]
I have been working like mad to make marshmallow kebabs, truffles, and cookies. Also, since I had a bowl of melted chocolate left over, I dipped pretzels [ you never know- times might get tough, and we will need chocolate]
Tonight the future in-laws will be coming over to decorate cookies- gonna be lots of fun, I think.
Almost all of the gifts are wrapped, and sitting under the tree at the farm. We planned ahead a bit, and I am feeling quite smug about that, really. All that is left is the food for the farm and to take to 'a Mighty Fine Place' and a few heres and theres that I will need .
We are picking up Booskie Friday morning, Texas girl is coming in Friday afternoon , and the family will all be together - this has the makings of yet another fantastic Christmas!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas - go to church, and sing some hymns. That always puts me in the best mood. I am trying to decide which song is my favorite , but it really changes each year. I still cannot sing "In the Bleak Midwinter" without tearing up - I really love it.
Now the ladybug is playing "Mommy , come find me ' and I shall take that as my clue to get up and start running around looking for her.
Photos later today..... I promise!

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jkbragg said...

those marshmallow kebobs were absolutely fabulous, btw...they did not make it out of THS alive- at least not on my watch. so proud that you had so well planned ahead. me? no planning what so ever...went to NC, then Jackson...totally "veg"ed on the couch EVERY other day. really. miss you much, see you tomorrow!