Wednesday, December 15, 2010

and a snow day makes it extra special

Well, this is the last week of school before Christmas Holiday - big fun around here. Knowing that I had to give two exams today and had the rest of the day at school to clean my classroom was sounding pretty good, really. Especially when I knew that my second period exam was only going to be ONE student - one. So, having a bad weather day today was not the most exciting news, although it sounded pretty fantastic at 6:00 this morning. Oh well. We don't really need to celebrate President's Day, do we?
Tonight is our night to go and have a photo made with Santa . Ladybug is pretty fired up, while the Monkey is trying mighty hard to act casual about it. I know he will be the first one on Santa's knee .... he cannot fool me.
Today we are going to be making a few Christmas crafts while enjoying a day in our pajamas- we have marshmallows and pretzels to dip in chocolate, and we have family gifts to finish [ can't tell you what those are here- it will spoil the surprise next week!]
Stay warm and dry today ! It looks really cold out there!

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