Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the really long days of summer

This is the part of summer that we enjoy- the days are lasting forever, and the children are wearing themselves out, playing. We spent a few days with the Grandparents, and that always includes going to Dairy Queen for ice cream!

Ladybug had just finished applying quite a few stickers down her legs- can you tell she is pleased with herself?

After visiting with the donkeys and cows, Monkey showed Ladybug how to jump on a trampoline- she was very excited.

The Avents invited us out to see the donkeys and cows. Ladybug thought they would come up to be petted, like a dog. She was rather disappointed when she could not touch them. One donkey , Leroy, allowed us to pet him, and that was just not enough for her.

We put a little pool out at the Grandparent's house- ladybug did not understand that she was not supposed to empty the entire thing right away.

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Karol said...

Can you believe summer is almost over?? Not hot weather, but summer. I feel like tomorrow is my first day back to school, too!! Try to have a good day! Smooches.....