Sunday, October 24, 2010

Super fantastic week, straight ahead

The ladybug woke me up this morning, whispering that she wanted to go watch 'tee-wee' . Of course, even though it was two hours before I had to be at church, we went to the living room. Who wouldn't do that for a ladybug?
Now she is watching some Nick jr. programs, all with a Halloween theme. I have never really been a fan of Halloween, for no special reason. Don't get me wrong- I did plenty of trick-or-treating in my day. I just don't like all the super spooky stuff . At all. I like the sweet stuff- bobbing for apples and hayrides. Maybe even a corn maze.
Ladybug has been singing the happy cake song to me for a few days now- she is practicing for this friday, when I shall officially be too old to have a two year old. . [ How old is too old? ] I am reminded of the Bible story about the older mother- wasn't it Sarah? Okay, I am not that old.
The monkey went to State's Homecoming game yesterday, and finally made it home around 11:30 p.m. I am glad he has an uncle who enjoys taking him to those games. We went to Delta State, and neither of us have much interest in State's athletics. Honestly, the fight song makes me teary still. We went to a basketball game there years ago, and I was not expecting that to be played so much. I thought it was for football only. I guess it will just take time.
The husband and I have been having some serious discussions about the education of our children. How do you decide something so important? What do you do when you are concerned about the system or the school or the teacher your child might have? We moved across the state in preparation of Monkey's adoption, and now we are starting to wonder if we made the right choice. It takes lots of prayer, I can tell you. I also keep thinking that the right choice for us ten years ago might not be the right choice now. Prayer. Lots of it.

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jkbragg said...

your kids sound so precious...I would like to meet them one day. but for now, we need to have a girl night- and invite other females we work with...........maybe. hm. anyway, I was thinking this week I would have april and karen over for dinner when zach is off gallivanting at work. but I guess he wouldn't be gallivanting, now would he? anyway, sending lots of prayer your way. :)