Monday, October 11, 2010

I think I love Columbus

Because having today off of school was FANTASTIC. Really .
We took the monkey and the ladybug to my mother's house friday after school, and met four friends in SJ for the weekend- the Texas two, and part of The Deadbeat Club from College.
The Texas two declared that we were not eating in any chain establishments [although it would be okay if it was not a national chain] . The husband declared that we were eating in International establishments. The Deadbeat Club and I declared that we just wanted food.
The first night was an English pub with great food, but it was loud . Really loud.
The next day for lunch was an Irish pub . [Does anyone see a theme?] It was pretty wonderful, but I did not like the cheese dip that I ordered [you know how some things have a whang to them?]
After lunch, we went to watch our school volleyball team compete for the State title. Even though they did not win, I think they were great , and showed class.
That night was supposed to be our journey to a Greek place, but we really were not that hungry. We ended up going to the home of one of the Deadbeat Club, [which was lovely] and having pizza. She had also baked cream cheese with brown sugar and almonds, and I can tell you that it was superb. Divine, in fact. [and no whang]
Sunday morning , I simply had to go to Michael's Crafts. I was dropped off by the husband, and I was able to walk through that store for almost an hour. Oh. My. Stars. And . Garters. I do not get to do that often. It was wonderful. I ended up spending less than $15, which was amazing.
Lunch was at Jason's Deli, which I lurve. They have the tiniest of tiny vessels for ice cream [Doug Henning would have called them smaller than little, I am pretty sure]
So, great weekend, great visit with great friends. It is always a good time when the Possum Royalty are re-united.

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jkbragg said...

I LOVE michaels- seldom leave there spending less than 15, although they are known for their delightful deals. sounds like you guys had a blast! :)