Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homecoming week, and a holiday coming

Homecoming week is here! We have so much fun at school with all the dress up days- it is always fun to see how excited the students get about it. I will have to share some of the photos later this week. I am really proud of our senior class this year- they nominated a student for the Homecoming Court who has Down's Syndrome. This means the world to her, and she will treasure these memories for a long time.
Ladybug and Monkey just came in from having dinner with Pop and Gigi - it is time for bed, and they are stalling. I don't guess I blame them one bit- Sunday nights are always a little bit of a let-down.
In three weeks, we have a long weekend- we are counting down, and looking forward to it. Monkey and Ladybug will go to visit their Mimi, and that always means playing with cousin Meg. Good times!
I think they have finally decided on Halloween costumes- Ladybug wants to be Tinkerbell, and Monkey wants to be a mummy . Well, he wants to be Freddy , the guy from Scream, or Jason, and I said no to all of those. I am not ready for that just yet.
Hope this week is great for everyone-

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jkbragg said...

Sundays are always hard for me, too- I try so hard to put on the brakes and slow it down. Looking forward to columbus day, also.