Sunday, September 12, 2010

time flies

So, we have already had six weeks of school. SIX. Why is that so amazing to me? Ladybug and Monkey are both having a great year- church basketball should be starting pretty soon. Ladybug has started going to a Sunday School class- today was her second day in there. She was finger painting when we walked in . Well, she was sitting and looking at the glob of paint on her paper, and not really sure that she wanted to put her hand in it. After I walked in and talked to her, she put her hand in, and had a blast.
Monkey is busy, busy, busy- playing with the neighbors, doing tons of homework, and adding apps to his ipod.
Now our biggest worry is what to be for Halloween - I asked the monkey to be the Man in the Yellow Hat, and let his sister be Curious George, but he was not keen on that idea. Any suggestions?

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jkbragg said...

Sam may be a little old for this, but a dragon and a princess?