Tuesday, June 16, 2009

watermelon, anyone?

Sam bought Stella this outfit while we were in Guangzhou. How sweet is that? It was totally his idea, and I think it put a little tear in Meme and KK's eyes when it happened. God bless his sweet little heart!


Karol said...

You are not telling the entire story...Sam used his OWN money to buy it. We had already left the store and were strolling down the street and he said," KK, I want Stella to have that Watermelon outfit. " And then he dug out his little wad of cash to buy it. Oh,my, what a man.

parker people said...

well, if you remember correctly, that ws the day that I was on my death bed, and you took him shopping. The only think I really remember about that day was hearing Clark say "Sam, please don't watch your mother throw up"

Maya's Mommy said...

Stella is adorable and I love the outfit! I wish that we lived closer, too! We have a picture of Stella in a little photo album that the orphanage gave us. Not sure why they did this, but I'll have to get it to you. She's having a visit at the doctor's I think. I would love to know if they were roommates. Do you know what her nannies looked like? Maya's were an elderly couple.

Lori and Maya