Thursday, August 6, 2009

ballgames, haircuts, and winking

Brother in law Greg gave us some tickets to see the Redbirds play. Not just tickets, but a meal, as well as four chances to win 50 "redbird bucks" [for the gift shop or any food vendor in the park] Sam loved the game, Stella loved walking around the park and playing on the playground, and we loved being there with them. At the end of the eighth inning, they announced the winner of the bucks- Sam! How exciting! It took FOREVER to figure out what all to buy- and he ended up with a great deal of stuff. Thank you, Greg, for the great evening!

Stella's first haircut was this week- she sat so still ! It helped that her father was getting his cut at the same time- the stylist turned Stella's chair so she could watch him . Only a little off the back, and her bangs were evened out, but it really makes a difference. So cute!

Her Grandmother taught her to wink this week, and she is quite proud of herself- she has not perfected it yet, but just give her a little time!

Hope you all have a great week, and are as ready for school to start next week as we are!

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Karol said...

now, can I just say, Stella is looking more like me all the time. My precious little doll. And my favorite nephew needs to save that picture for the Supreme Court Justice Samuel Calhoun Parker Musuem exhibit......