Tuesday, March 24, 2009

oh my word- it is getting closer by the minute!

1. Airplane tickets have been purchased
2. Consulate appointment has been scheduled
3. Family Medical Leave forms have been turned in
4. Husband is starting to freak out about things out of his control
5. We are in for the trip of a lifetime. So glad that family is going with us.
these were supposed to be my five things I am thankful for today, but #4 is nothing to be thankful for, really! I will come up with something else, like my last faculty meeting of the year was yesterday.
Now people are starting to give us so many wonderful things. We have had many people offer to give us baby showers- I still think they need to be after Stella is here- it seems more practical.
We are so thankful for our friends- we have really been blessed with some good ones.

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