Monday, November 2, 2009

November already? What happened to October?

So, I really meant to post in October, seeing as so much happened around here. Obviously, there was just SO much happening, that I never managed to put any news on. So sorry.

We have had several adventures- all pretty close by.

Monkey and Ladybug both loved wearing their Halloween costumes -both at the 'trunk or treat' at church, and 'trick or treating'this past weekend. Monkey was pretty worried that people would "think he liked the Bakugan show" if he wore his costume. I don't think it bugged him too much, because he has already slept in it a few times.

We are still playing flag-football, and it is going to be a little cool out there tonight. I may just take my new snuggie that Ladybug's future husband gave me for my birthday! Toasty!

Hope you all are staying warm and dry- I hate to mention the rain, but we have not had any for three days now. This might be a record.

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Gay said...

Look at these sweet, sweet babies! I love me some Sam and Stella!