Monday, April 9, 2012

Peter Cottontail, I love you

Easter ! Such a wonderful holiday ! I love singing the hymns each year - they touch me in a new way , every single time. I put the ladybug's hair in sponge rollers the night before (even though she thought it would hurt) and she had the cutest head of curls. Some one (not naming names, but it was the monkey) called her "Oprah" for some reason, and that just hurt her feelings. God love them ......
We went to church with Meme - and all three of my sisters were there. I wish our brother had been able to make it, but they had a family vacation, and I am sure they were having a wonderful time.
Now the countdown is on - Ladybug's Princess Party is this weekend, we only have 29 days of school left, and we have already started planning the Monkey's birthday function - gonna be a big deal !

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