Sunday, April 29, 2012

Three - it's a magic number

Three weeks of school left. That is it for the year. How exciting. We are starting our list of summer goals - getting rid of lots of things is first. I really have the fear that the "Hoarders" television crew will be pulling up to our house one of these days. I have to let go of things we do not need anymore - like the old comforters and bedspreads we have not used in years. [ but I LOVE that Laura Ashley stuff !!!]

Baseball has started, and the monkey is playing short stop. He just looks so tiny out there - I am having a hard time accepting that he is going in to junior high. The ladybug is going to a four year old program next year, and we are all fired up about it - she thinks she is Big Time now.

I would love to say that state tests are over, but they are starting Tuesday. We are ready to get those done, I can tell you.

Have a good week -

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