Friday, February 1, 2013

Again and Again

Well, I just don't know why we have not updated this blog in so long - guess we have been extra busy with school, holidays, decorations [ and putting them up is STILL more fun than taking them down.]

At any rate, my dear friend Leigh Anne sent us a box of Christmas-ish gifts, and in the box was a flash drive containing photos from our trip to Italy in 2011. It was a wonderful experience, and I have loved looking at all these pictures. What I did not love so much was looking at the size of my backside in some of these photographs! At least I know I have lost some weight since then. Thank goodness!
Second semester is humming right along - we are all settled in , and looking forward to some good times. This will be the first year we have not gone out of the country in quite some time, but that is not such a bad thing, really.  Plenty of fun to be had in our wonderful country.
Today I was helping a student write her own 'declaration of Independence' and I was reminded just how fortunate we are to live where we do. By the time we finished the paper, several students had joined us, and they agreed that America is quite a wonderful place, really.  Made for a great day.

I am looking forward to getting to sing "Again and Again" during the early service next week - Sherry is preaching, and asked me to sing that, along with "Bless the Lord, oh my soul" - I have been singing it in my classroom , to prepare. [ in case you hear something coming out of the art building, it's just me]

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