Monday, February 11, 2013

don't it make my brown eyes blue

So we went to the Chinese New Year Party this past Saturday. Ladybug was really looking forward to it. We walked in along with a family from our orphanage group. Very exciting for the girls. We had a nice lunch, and it was time for the Dragon parade. Ladybug and her sweet friend got in line behind a few girls who were slightly older. Just a little older. Maybe two years. I was snapping photos and using my phone to tape the parade, and the sweet scene between Ladybug and the others. Then , I saw it. One of the older girls in front of her [ that we have known since she came to America] turned and said something really ugly to my baby. I saw the hurt in my baby's eyes. I would have given anything in the world to have saved her from that. She did the best she could - she walked through one lap of the dragon parade, and then she stopped, looked at me, and put her sweet little hands up to her sweet little eyes. I ran, picked her up, and held her very, very close to my heart.

So , why is it that little girls have to say ugly things? I know it isn't just little girls that do it - I teach High School, and I see it in older girls as well as teachers. It happens. I get it. But I sure hate that it has already happened to my baby. My four year old.

I am catching on that 'developing a more forgiving heart' is going to be my lenten focus this year , and I am okay with that.

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