Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday, Sunday

Would you like to know how much fun it is to have two ill children in one house? Gotta love the stomach bug. The monkey is laying low - won't eat, won't do much. The ladybug is still up and running, but she just stops everything and runs to the bathroom every now and then. So far, the man and I are safe. I went to church alone this morning, and I tried really hard not to breathe on anyone else. This was the PERFECT way to spend our Spring Break Stay-cation.  Perfect. I am very thankful that the man and I did not take a trip this year . It would have been awful leaving two sickly sweeties.

I am sure there will be great times this week - and I am sure I will be posting them on here. Until then, there is laundry to fold and hot tea to drink...... and a few art projects to finish. Have a good evening!

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