Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fodder's Day

This photograph is from our first summer with the ladybug . I know I should post a more recent one, but it is my favorite for Father's Day. Everyone looks so happy ! Hot and exhausted, but happy !
When we went to pick up the monkey from summer camp, we happily ran in to an old friend - Allie had never met the ladybug before, and she was in for a treat ! Lady bug let us all know that she was going to 'have that day, and she did a good job of it.
We all missed the monkey while he was at camp, but I think she missed him the most.
We made the rainbow popsicles , and I can tell you that I do NOT have to do that again. Two days, I say ~ two days of going to the freezer and pouring another flavor..... but they are really good. The pineapple mix that I bought at the International Market is really good!
I think they all had a good time at camp - and somehow, the monkey managed to bathe every day and not open his own bar of soap.... hmmm.
Only two more games in the regular ball schedule, then on to just All-Star games. I hope we can pack up and go to Me-Me's house for a few days, now that she is back from her jaunt up the East Coast. We just love to go visit our family !
I hope you have a great Father's Day, and a great week ahead ! I am looking forward to hearing about the mission trip some of our church family is taking this week - they are going to have such a life- changing experience, I just know it.
Stay out of the heat - or come over for a nice, cold rainbow!

Sunday Snapshot

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