Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Sunday, so good to me

Sunday evening - in the summer. Yes !!!!
When we get home from church , we have a l-o-n-g day and evening around here !!! [yet another reason why we go to the early service, thank you very much]
We don't have to get up too early in the morning, we don't have to get ready for school [not until Friday's meeting, that is] All we have to do is sleep in, have a family breakfast, and then head off to Oxford. We are supposed to meet a member of the Dead-Beat Club for lunch tomorrow, before taking the monkey to Camp.
The monkey was in a baseball tournament all day yesterday - from 10 - 10 . Needless to say, it was oh-so-very hot. We sat, we walked around the field, and we ate some of the snacks I packed [ you know, I like to pack the snacks]
The ladybug enjoyed the baseball day, but she was really tired by the end. She was on her best behavior, which is amazing considering how uncomfortably hot it was.
We met some friends for lunch friday, and they gave ladybug a belated birthday gift - a Tinkerbell teddy bear that they made at Build-A-Bear. Since the two boys made it, they put two hearts inside. I really like that.
Now I am watching 'House Hunters International' and they are looking at homes in Normandy, France. Yes, please !!! I want to go !!!

Sunday Snapshot


Stacie said...

Thanks for sharing. Your family is beautiful. Hopped from Ni Hao Yall.

Joy Graham said...

I hitched a ride from Ni Hao Yall too...You do have a beautiful family!!! Your daughter has such a happy smile, it just lights up her pretty face!-Joy

Ruthie said...

Also visiting from Ni Hao Yall :)
I have to agree with Joy, your sweet daughter just has the most beautiful smile!!!

Ruthie from

Sennie said...

We love Sundays too! This past Sunday we visited Busch Gardens Christmas Town, which was great, but my favorite Sundays are the quiet ones:)
Here from Sunday Snapshot.