Monday, June 6, 2011

It's a sunshiney day

Remember that peppy tune by the Brady Bunch ? It certainly applies here today. It is 8:36, and it already looks so way to hot outside. Ladybug is having a popsicle for breakfast. Really.[ Because it's summer , that's why.]
We went on the VBS retreat this past weekend - the monkey was in the age range, and we were asked to go along. All the little girls [fourth, fifth, and sixth graders] fought over who would hold the ladybug the whole time. Her feet did not touch the ground too much. At any rate, it was a great place - Lake Tiak O'Khata , about thirty minutes from Starkville . There was a great beach area, a nice buffet for all meals, and plenty of hot water for showers. The important things, you know. We did not have too many major issues, either. [ there was one situation the first night in the boys cabin, where a few lads felt the need to give a biology demonstration with glow-sticks and glow-bracelets, but I will not be getting into that now.]
I am almost finished with the autobiography of Dick Van Dyke. I must say, it is always refreshing to me when I read about someone I like , and find that they really were as wholesome as I wanted them to be. Maybe he is making it up, but I am believing all of this so far. Having said that, I will probably turn a page in a few minutes, and find that he did something terrible. The only thing negative thus far is that he did not have a grand experience while making "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" - I totally understand, since that creepy child catcher was in it.
Stay cool today - or come over here, and have a popsicle with the ladybug !

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jkbragg said...

aw, happy summer time to you! I love it...she's growing up so fast. I am going to be in PA wed-wed, but when I get back, we have to plan a play day :) I miss my lunch buddy!