Monday, July 25, 2011

Good day, sunshine

wow - it is hot. Africa hot. Really and truly hot.
We had a long day yesterday - after church, we went to Sissie's home in Collierville. She is preparing to move to Florida , and sweet Julie and Addie were there for a while. Ladybug loves loves LOVES her baby Addie. [if you are ever within hearing distance of her, you would know that] This was the second time she was able to visit with Addie, and she could barely keep her hands off that sweet baby.
The monkey was able to hug and kiss Addie, too. Great time !
After that lovely visit, we went to Kirk's birthday party - another fun time, with some good friends. Ladybug loves Kirk , and his wife, Fifi . Monkey played ball, swam, and had a long chat with his buddy , Bailey. We were all four worn out by the time we made it to our home.
Only one more week of vacation for us, then back to the grind. We are going to squeeze as many adventures out of these last seven days as we possibly can. Monkey was up and dressed and out the door before 10:00 a.m. , which is pretty early for him.
It looks as if it is going to rain all day - not a bad way to start the week !
Have a great day , and count your blessings!

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