Sunday, July 3, 2011

Knee-pits, baseball, and candy

During the ball game , it is more fun to slide down the hill than to watch the game - just saying.
This little girl was very sweet to share her sled with the Ladybug.
Before the Texas Two left, Ladybug gave them some paintings we worked on this week - I think she was sad to see them go.
The Monkey just knew he would catch a baseball at the game - maybe next time.
Can you see the "crown" I had to make her hair into ? She was very serious about it, and wanted everyone to know about it. This was after she announced that her favorite body part is now the 'knee-pit' - I like those on her, too.
The Monkey's All-Star team - getting ready for the next tournament. How did he get so serious? What are those other guys looking at?

Saying goodbye to the Texas Two - Ladybug and Monkey love them, and do not see them often enough. Ladybug kept calling Lance "Daddy", and we all thought it was so funny - she thinks he is Tracy's father instead of her husband.
Just posing and being sweet in 'Dream Berry' in downtown Memphis .

This was the Ladybug's second Redbirds game - she did better sitting on the hill than she would have in the seats, I think. Monkey was just happy to be there, so it was a great day for all of us.

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jkbragg said...

you guys look like you're having an awesome summer....super busy! :) btw, I have a little treat that I got for you from has absolutely nothing to do with PA, but I got it at my favorite candy store in town :)